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Transform Your Training with Virtual/Augmented Reality Technology: Quality Outcomes at Your Fingertips

· Greater ability to control the learning environment and make it as realistic as possible.

· Greater ability to provide training that is tailored to the specific needs of employees.

· Greater ability to provide training that is engaging and interactive.

· Greater ability to track and measure employee performance.

· Greater ability to provide training in a safe and controlled environment.

Want to boost learning outcomes, save money, reduce your environmental impact and enhance safety? Virtual reality training in the oil and gas sector is the way to go! A recent study by the American Society for Training and Development found that VR training can enhance learning by 75%, the National Environmental Training Association found that it can reduce carbon emissions by 90% compared to traditional training methods and according to the American Petroleum Institute, “VR training can increase safety by simulating real-life scenarios in a controlled environment”. Upgrade your training now!

We offer training scenarios, both pre-packaged and bespoke to safety experts across the globe. Available through VR, AR, Tablet, Mobile and Desktop devices, we make sure your teams can always access the very best training, not matter where they are in the world. 

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